Sherman’s CDL-A certification leads to full-time employment with a bucket list employer

When Sherman came into the Michigan Works! Southwest Service Center he was frustrated with seasonal employment for rotating employers. He had a young family at home and wanted to find a permanent, stable job that kept him close to home. Although he was a great employee, with an impressive work history, he realized he needed a new certification to further his career.

Sherman had already earned an Associate’s Degree from Kalamazoo Valley Community College and completed the Corrections Academy. Although he was proud of his work as a public servant, he wanted a job where his wife wasn’t concerned for his safety. From there he found work for an excavating company, but it was seasonal, and he wanted something permanent.

During one of these layoffs, he made a great decision to come in to his local Michigan Works! Service Center and explore new options.  We have a shortage of CDL-A drivers in our area, which meant that if Sherman completed the steps needed to be approved for CDL-A training, his opportunities would open up.

With financial assistance and ongoing support from Michigan Works!, Sherman completed his CDL-A training with West MI CDL, and also obtained the Hazmat endorsement, which further expanded his employment opportunities. Sherman’s hard work paid off, and at the start of the season, he was able to return to his previous employer, but instead of excavating and laying pipe, he was driving a truck. With this training, and work experience, he was offered a job with the Kalamazoo Road Commission – one he’d wanted for quite some time. In his new job, he has many different responsibilities, including plowing snow, filling pot holes, and everyday maintenance.

Sherman, “I am very grateful and thankful for the opportunity that the Michigan Works! program provided and the great staff there for helping me through the process so I could get my CDL and start a new career.”

We’re happy to report that he is very happy working for the Road Commission – he’s met his goal of full time employment, close to home, so that he can enjoy his family.

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