Nontraditional Apprenticeships – a Win-Win for Employers and Job Seekers

In an ongoing effort to offer customized solutions for employers’ hiring needs, Michigan Works! Southwest staff have been dedicated to the creation and implementation of innovative, non-traditional apprenticeship training programs, such as the CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant) Apprenticeship Training at Grace Health. With assistance from the USDOL Office of Apprenticeship, Michigan Works! Southwest and Grace Health were able to partner in the creation of this non-traditional training, offering job seekers the opportunity to not only obtain employment in the medical field but also gain their Clinical Medical Assistant certification while working. One such jobseeker, Sha’kyra, was referred to Michigan Works! Southwest by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Working with an Employment Specialist, Sha’kyra developed both long- and short-term goals, ultimately leading to discussions on how best to achieve each aspiration. Due to her prior experience as a caregiver, Sha’kyra was interested in obtaining employment within the Medical Field; however, she did not have the appropriate credentials to secure any of the positions she was interested in. With assistance from Michigan Works! Southwest staff, Sha’kyra was able to update her resume, which was then shared directly with the Grace Health staff responsible for the Medical Assistant Apprenticeship recruitment.

To be accepted into the training program, Sha’kyra had to participate and be selected from four rounds of interviews. During this time Sha’kyra actively requested guidance from Michigan Works! Southwest staff, receiving feedback on appropriate interview attire and improving her skills with mock interviewing, which ultimately resulted in her acceptance into the CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant) Apprenticeship Training Program. On March 26, 2019 she began her new position at Grace Health, working 40 hours per week.

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