Meet Shawn DeYoung, Shining Star for the month of December!

Meet Shawn DeYoung, December’s Shining Star!

Shawn is a strong advocate in the community for Michigan Works! Southwest and is dedicated to building deep relationships with local employers. Through heartfelt and meaningful actions, Shawn continually goes above and beyond to serve employer customers! Shawn is thoughtful in all the work he does as a member of the Business Solutions Team and always strives to make others feel welcome. This was recently reflected in his efforts to support the onboarding of new Business Solutions Staff as they learn their new roles.

Thank you, Shawn, for your dedication and commitment to the Michigan Works! Southwest mission and to the employers and employees you work with. Michigan Works! Southwest is proud to have you on our team and honored to have you as a Michigan Works! Southwest Shining Star.

The Shining Star Award celebrates Michigan Works! agency front line staff who, through dedication and outstanding contributions to workforce development, personify the Michigan Works! southwest mission. Each month, staff are welcome to submit nominations for colleagues they believe meet this criteria.