Meet Betsy Sanchez, Shining Star for the Month of July!

Betsy is an Employer Resource Network® (ERN) Success Coach. She is detailed, team and customer focused employee, who customers feel safe with, resulting in her ability to form long-lasting relationships with those she serves, which is imperative when addressing barriers to employment. Betsy is a tremendous support to the ERN® success coach team, even while leading a team of coaches and serving seven ERN® employers with hundred of employees, she remains accessible and available to meet her coworkers’ needs as they arise. Betsy makes continual efforts to always keep one foot forward with a smile on her face and makes those around her feel supported. Thank you, Betsy, for your continuous hard work and dedication to the Michigan Works! Southwest mission!

The Shining Star Award celebrates Michigan Works! agency front line staff who, through dedication and outstanding contributions to workforce development, personify the Michigan Works! Southwest mission. Each month, staff are welcome to submit nominations for colleagues they believe meet this criteria.