Meet Aaron Tabb, Shining Star for April 2024!

Meet Aaron Tabb, Michigan Works! Southwest Shining Star for April 2024!

Aaron’s passion for his work shines through in his consistent dedication and the quality of his contributions to Michigan Works! Southwest, which includes a proactive attitude and willingness to assist wherever needed. His actions are truly commendable and show great initiative and dedication to his team. Aaron’s commitment to ensuring a smooth operation of the front desk, support for his colleagues, as well as strong leadership qualities, are a testament to his passion for Michigan Works! Southwest.

Aaron consistently puts his best foot forward, demonstrating a commitment to excellence. His enthusiasm for what he does not only benefits his team, but also encourages those around him to strive for excellence. Aaron’s kindness, patience, reliability, and passion are the driving force behind his outstanding performance, making him an invaluable asset to his team.

Thank you, Aaron, for your hard work and commitment to the Michigan Works! Southwest mission and to the customers we serve. Michigan Works! Southwest is grateful to have you on our team and proud to have you as April’s Shining Star!