On-the-job training and a lot of grit helped Robyn successfully find a job in a new career

The job Robyn held for 5 years ended after a downturn in the company, and she found herself out of work and wondering what to do next to find a job. She had worked as a CNA previously but didn’t feel like she could do that type of work any longer.

Robyn started her journey by meeting with a Michigan Works! Employment Specialist, who assisted with Robyn’s job search, as well as administered an Interest and Skills Assessment, and worked on resume development.

As Michigan Works! is frequently contacted by employers looking for motivated employees, Robyn’s Employment Specialist was able to connect her with Merhow Industries in White Pigeon and assist her and the company with an on-the-job training opportunity.  Robyn was successful with her training and hired as a Purchasing Assistant at $14.00 per hour. Robyn is now working 40+ hours per week.

When told we wanted to feature her as a success story, Robyn said “Wow…I am being called a success story. I never would have thought that of myself. I’m just a regular person that needed to make a living at the right job. I think the real success is that I found a person at Michigan Works! Southwest named Diane Hedgcock that believed in me. Included in the success is the State of Michigan for offering an avenue for helping mature people like myself in not just finding a job, but finding the right job.”

She went on to say, “Last, but certainly not the least, is a company called Merhow Industries in White Pigeon, Michigan for looking past a person’s age and seeing that we of a mature age have a lifetime of knowledge that we can contribute to their company.”

Robyn was discouraged many times along the way as she felt that some companies wouldn’t give her a chance due to her age. Michigan Works! was happy to provide encouragement during this process, letting her know that the right opportunity was out there, and that we’d keep working with her until we found it.

Congratulations to Robyn for her hard work and for sticking with her job search when she felt discouraged. We’re happy she found the right fit at Merhow Industries.