From seasonal to a full-time job, Jeffery was ready to make a change

Jeffery worked for more than 10 years during the summer months as a seasonal worker at golf courses and in the colder months at the county road commission. He wanted to break into a full time job, and the road commission said they would be happy to hire him full time if he was able to obtain a CDL-B license. Unfortunately, Jeffery didn’t have the resources to pay for school and testing to get his endorsement. He came to Michigan Works! because he wanted to break this frustrating cycle.

Michigan Works! staff met with Jeffery, and in reviewing his strong work history, which reflected a hard-working and dedicated employee, it was determined he would benefit from the training, and that Michigan Works! could assist him with the cost.

Jeffery attended, finished, and passed his four-week truck driving school and received his CDL-B endorsement when he also passed the state test. After receiving his certification Jeffery was again hired in as a seasonal employee with the road commission. While working through the summer, Jeffery was offered, and accepted, a full-time position as a driver. Jeffery now receives great pay with benefits as a full-time employee with the country road commission.

“Without the help of Michigan Works! Southwest, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity. It has truly changed my life!”

From finding new work with the change in seasons to full-time employment with benefits, Jeffery’s hard work has paid off.